Monday, July 4, 2011

To the French boys

This letter is to the French boys who made a sad attempt on asking me out tonight...... and for all the other ones out there:

Dear boys:

Now I use boys because, well you are not young men you are boys. Your first mistake when asking me out was telling me that you are only 16, even after you found out I am 19. Second, smoking in a girls face then hulking up the worlds most disgusting loogie right next to my foot was the trashiest way to make a pass at me. Next, tell your friend standing next to you that if the only English he knows are swear words and sexual innuendos that he should keep his mouth shut. 

But your worst mistake was even approaching me, thinking that someone this awesome and this gorgeous would even give you the time of day.

Yep. So sorry friends looks like I won't be coming home with a man, or should I say a BOY.


  1. i loved reading this i literally laughed out loud! reading this made me miss you even more...and i had no idea you had a blog till jess mentioned it the other day, so i need to catch up with your life. And i am glad you met my friends, i told them to act like trash so you wouldn't fall in love with anyone over in france...we all know how much you love foreigners haha I hope everything is going amazing in france and can't wait to have a girls night soon! p.s. I am addicted to the bachelorette thanks to you guys..arg ashley is so needy! ha p.p.s. What the France!

  2. oh my word and you have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to post that..had to sign up to like 10 things it felt like haha